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i'm rachael adams

I am an Olympic medalist and a mindset and confidence mentor to female athletes, like yourself. I help them tap into the power of their minds and thought patterns so they can feel confident and capable during competition.

Being a female athlete is tough. It’s not just about growing in skill and sport knowledge. Athletes have to do what everyone else does – develop their own confidence to reach their full potential. This can be such a lonely journey because not many athletes talk about things like mindset and confidence. 

And that’s what I’m here for: to help you develop and own confidence for your journey as a female athlete and beyond.

After navigating many, many obstacles on my journey, it’s now my mission to support and encourage you and help you navigate the mindsets habits that may be holding you back. 

let’s do it!


“She knew the power
of her mind so programmed it for success.”

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this program is created to help you overcome limiting beliefs, increase your confidence, and build an empowering mindset for performance and training. i’ll share all the mindset tools and skills i’ve learned on my journey and guide you through implementing them yourself. These tools and skills are the ones that took me from doubting myself and my capabilities to becoming an Olympian who owned her confidence on the biggest sports stage.

this isn’t about GIVING you all the right answers. it’s about helping you find the answers within yourself. along the way, i’ll be sharing relevant tools, resources, and mindset shifts that helped me along my journey. i’ll also be a source of great support and encouragement for you for you!

let’s do it!




“I feel like had I had someone to work with when I was 16-18 i would be further along. Our time together has been great, it has been an eye opener for sure about what type of athlete I am. It’s made me really think about what I want and how I’m going to get it. A lot of it comes down to CONFIDENCE!!!! Our time together has been very eye opening for me. Just learning about myself and realizing so much. I have built so much confidence through this program. Words that would stick out to me is CONFIDENCE, CHANGE YOUR MINDSET, HEALING, RESTORING, OWNING WHO YOU ARE, WALKING IN YOUR TRUTH.”

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you are strong, capable, and more than enough