Let me help you develop the tools and mindset you need to feel unstoppable



  • Remain confident and bounce back after making mistakes
  • Keep calm and centered during stressful moments
  • Practice self-compassion and prioritize self-care
  • Manage stress and take care of yourself
  • Feel confident in your abilities and navigate challenges
  • Discover your values, identity, and stand in your power
  • Get out of your head and move past negative thoughts
  • Support and validate yourself
  • Focus on progress, not perfection
  • Trust yourself and make empowered decisions

How would it feel to have these tools at your fingertips?

Let's help you get there! Here's how we're going to do it.


    The mindset pillar will help you cultivate a growth mindset and overcome limiting beliefs that hold you back from reaching your full potential. You'll learn how to shift your perspective and develop resilience, confidence, and mental toughness to navigate challenges with ease.


    Through self-discovery, you'll learn more about yourself and gain a deeper understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, values, and beliefs. This pillar will help you identify your passions and align your goals with your true purpose.


    Well-being is the foundation of success, and this pillar focuses on supporting your physical, emotional, and mental health. You'll learn practical tools and strategies to manage stress, enhance your performance, and prioritize self-care, so you can thrive in all areas of your life.


Clarity and Goal Setting - 1 x 90 minute session

In this 60-minute Zoom session, we'll take the time to understand where you're currently at and where you want to be. We'll set 3-4 powerful and inspiring goals that we'll revisit and update every two weeks during our bi-weekly sessions.

Bi-Weekly Zoom Sessions - 5 x 60 minutes sessions

Tailored to your specific needs, these 60-minute sessions will be held every two weeks via zoom. We'll work on actionable steps for each of your goals, tracking progress and celebrating mini victories along the way.

Unlimtied Support + Weekly Accountability Check-Ins

You'll have access to me via Telegram, where I'll be available to support, encourage, and cheer you on through the ups and downs of your journey. I'll respond within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.

I'll check in with you weekly via Telegram to keep you on track towards your goals and to hold you accountable for the action steps you set for yourself between sessions.

Personalized Tool Workbook PDF

This workbook is designed to help you dive deeper into your strengths and weaknesses and get to know yourself better. It includes tailored resources, worksheets, recommendations, and homework specific to your journey as an athlete.


This is a 3 month private mentorship custom to your journey.


  • STEP 1: Let's Get to Know Each Other

    After reviewing your application, I'll contact you to schedule a discoveer call. During this discovery call, we'll chat about your goals and what you hope to gain from the mentorship. You'll have the chance to ask any questions and get a feel for what working together will be like.

  • STEP 2: The Journey Begins

    Once we've agreed to work together, we'll dive in and start building your confidence and developing the tools you need to succeed. With personalized coaching and support, we'll work through challenges and celebrate wins together.

  • STEP 3: What You'll Take With You

    By the end of the mentorship, you'll leave with a toolbox of skills and strategies to navigate life's challenges with confidence and ease. You'll have a newfound sense of self-awareness and empowerment, ready to take on whatever comes your way.


  • You want to feel more confident in yourself and your capabilities
  • You want to know who you are, your values, and stand in your power
  • You need support and want to learn how to be in your own corner
  • You want to focus on progress, not perfection
  • You want to learn tools to manage stress and prioritize your well-being during challenging moments.
  • You want to cultivate self-compassion and trust in yourself

    "I had deep-seated disbelief in myself, felt artificial confidence that relied purely on external validation,  and felt so much anxiety while playing. Now, my opinion of my performance is the only one that matters. I have developed enough trust in myself to have the confidence that I can succeed and continue to improve without making comparisons or obsessing over others' performance."


    "I was struggling with self esteem, self love, confidence, and my identity. I felt like I was struggling to find a purpose in my life and felt very stagnant in my journey. Now, I feel like I have a very detailed plan of what I want and where I am going. I know myself and trust myself entirely. I feel confident in my sport and in navigating relationships and all areas of my life. It is very easy for me to recognize things for what they are, rather than overthink and spiral out of control with pessimistic thinking."


    "Our time together has been very eye opening for me. Just learning about myself and realizing so much. I have built so much confidence through this program. Words that would stick out to me is CONFIDENCE, CHANGE YOUR MINDSET, HEALING, RESTORING, OWNING WHO YOU ARE, WALKING IN YOUR TRUTH."

"Rachael is funny and the best person to have in your corner."

"Working with her gave me an entirely new outlook on life."

"Rachael has a very down-to-Earth nature as well as calming and supportive characteristics."

"I felt like I improved leaps and bounds in every part of my life without making it feel like there was a rush to my progress and improvement."


I'm Rachael Adams, the Founder and Mindset and Confidence mentor at JOURNEYSTRENGTH. I'm also an Olympic medalist and Breath Work Coach. I spent ten years as a member of the USA Women's Nationals Team and as a professional volleyball player in various countries worldwide.

Through my athletic career, I realized how crucial it is to have a toolkit full of empowering and supportive resources to navigate different situations and transitions, to take care of my physical and emotional well-being, support me on the biggest stages during competition, face failures, setbacks, stressful periods, and mistakes, and that empowered me to be able to take up space in both my personal and professional life.

My mission is to help YOU discover YOUR unique tools that can empower and support you on your journey!

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Q: Who is the Tools for the Journey mentorship program for?

A: The mentorship program is designed for anyone female atheltes who want to improve their well-being, cultivate self-awareness, and navigate life's challenges with more ease and confidence. Whether you're going through a transitional period in your life, struggling with stress or self-doubt, or simply looking to enhance your personal growth, this program can provide the tools and support you need to reach your goals.

Q: How is the mentorship program structured?

A: The program is designed to be flexible and adaptable to your unique needs and goals. We'll start with a one-on-one consultation to discuss your specific challenges and aspirations, and then develop a personalized plan to guide your progress over the course of the mentorship. Sessions can take place in remotely via zoom, and will take place bi-weekly.

Q: What kind of tools and resources are included in the mentorship program?

A: The mentorship program includes a variety of tools and resources designed to help you cultivate resilience, self-awareness, and well-being. These may include mindfulness exercises, self-reflection prompts, goal-setting techniques, education on self-talk, stress-reduction strategies, and more. You'll also have access to ongoing support and guidance throughout your journey, including regular check-ins and feedback from your mentor.

Q: What kind of results can I expect from the mentorship program?

A: The Tools for the Journey mentorship program is designed to help you build the skills and confidence you need to navigate life's challenges with more ease and resilience. While individual results may vary, many participants have reported increased self-awareness, improved stress-management, greater clarity and purpose, and a stronger sense of well-being and fulfillment in their lives. With dedicated effort and commitment, you can expect to see positive changes in your life and a greater sense of empowerment and growth.