I Got My Aura Photographed, Here’s What Happened

I am SO excited to share my aura experience! ✨

Taking a picture of my aura has been on my list of things to do every since I saw @Halfietruths post about her experience.

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Got my aura read today✨ . Your aura is the energetic field that surrounds you. It’s literal science for you non-believers😉. Green on the left is my outgoing energy + the healer in me. Blue + white above above is my current energy. Blue is the empath + survivor in me, sharing my truths to heal myself + you if it fits. White is me connecting to The Source to do so. Yellow over the green on the right hand side is my receptive energy + me responding to the awakening I’m currently growing through. The orb over my heart is validation that I have in fact cleared my heart chakra🙌🏽 + that I’m connecting with the divine to fulfill my work here✨ Also, HELLO 💚!!! It’s all making sense now. . This was so fun! And like any reading, it was beautiful + enlightening. Have you had your aura read? If you live in Nashville, you can go see Jane at @tertiarysight. She is super fun + insightful.

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I immediately googled, “Aura photography in LA” and after reading reviews and checking out the vibe of the businesses, I chose Auragami. A month passed since my initial search because January sessions were COMPLETELY sold out, so I settled for today, February 23rd.

I’ve been waiting for this appointment for some time now so there was a lot of build up and I was so excited when I finally walked in and looked around.

Ok, I’m sure you’re like, “Rachael, what type of woo-woo stuff are you posting on here?? What’s an aura?”. So here you go. I gathered up the information on the Auragami website to share with you AND educate myself even more.


(from https://auragami.la/)

In colloquial terms, your aura can be described as the “vibe” or the energy you project.

In scientific terms, it is the existing electromagnetic energy field that surrounds living creatures.

With a trained eye, the auras illuminating around living things can be seen and translated as colors. Each color signifies a certain vibration–each with its own different meaning.

Our auras are connected to our chakras, which reflect our individual state of consciousness. The colors of our aura, in turn, offer enlightenment about the quality of our consciousness, including the state of one’s emotions, thoughts, abilities and vital energies.

(from https://auragami.la/)


(from https://auragami.la/)

“Getting your aura photographed is easy. First, sit and relax. Then, place your hands on sensors that are connected to the camera. The sensors have measured points of resonance, which are connected with certain organs and the electromagnetic field of the person. This information about the energetic and auric qualities of a human being, also known as biofeedback parameter data, are then delivered to the camera resulting in a Polaroid photo of you and your aura!”

(from https://auragami.la/)

When I got there I checked in and was told I was next in line, so that’s when I crept around taking pictures and then sat on the couch to read a few books about auras.

My turn came up and the lady taking pictures and giving the readings called me over to the tent.

When I got inside I had no idea that there was a hand portion. I honestly assumed there was only a camera involved since in the pictures only show people from the shoulders up. SOO, I was like “uh alright, here we go!”.

“The photography technique is essentially a very fancy Polaroid camera that allows biofeedback to be transmitted through sensors (those metal plates I placed my hands upon) which when exposed to  film, gives off a cloud of colors on your portrait.” (source: oceanviolet.com)

Boom! Say hello to my aura.

I didn’t go in expecting any specific color but when I saw it I was SO CURIOUS to know what it all meant.

Here is what I wrote down immediately after out conversation, I wish I would have recorded it! 🙁

“You are ‘the cheerleader’ Your talent is encouraging and uplifting people. You know your energy and you know when it’s at its brightest and you want to help people live their best life because you’ve found ways to live yours. 

You can light up a room but it’s always so important for you to retreat, rest and renew your energy. Your colors are showing up clear so you can tell that you’ve found clarity in your life. You also can sense negative energies quickly and stay away from them. 

You work hard and play harder. You are creative. You see how you’ve been able to follow your passions and truths and you want to be able to grab people around you and help them do the same.”

PRETTY. SPOT. ON. I was SHOCKED. Did she stalk me on Instagram before this?! The other girls I ran into in the waiting area were saying the same thing on there was out.

She said I had multiple colors show up: Red, yellow, and orange.

“There is no such thing as a bad Aura! Nor are there bad colors. in their pure state all colors are good and useful. When light is blocked or slowed down it will loose its effectiveness and become gray or dull. Everything living has at least four colors appearing in their aura with a variety of shades and hues.” stephanyhurkos.com

Here is my photo unedited.


(from https://auragami.la/)

Why should you care about your aura?

Because this is your energy signature! Understanding your own energy not only helps you become more conscious of what’s going on within yourself, it also raises awareness of the energy you allow into your space as well as what you exude into the world. By seeing and knowing your aura, you can:

  • Understand your energy field.
  • Identify any disturbances, leaks, holes or energy that’s not yours.
  • Learn to understand your mental make-up.
  • Assess your emotions and thoughts.
  • Gain deeper insight into your personality and inner self.
  • Know how strong you are by the vibrancy of your aura field.
  • Gauge your influence over others by the width of your aura field.
  • Reveal the inner secrets which may also be hidden to you.

For many people, taking your first aura photograph is a profound, life-altering experience.

For the first time, you can see physical, irrefutable evidence that we may be something beyond just our physical bodies and personalities. Seeing our own aura introduces the idea that we are also vibrant colors, light, spirit, and energy. This concept changes many people’s idea of “self” and opens new doors for expanded awareness about their state of “being.”

(from https://auragami.la/)

AHHH so much fun. I love learning about myself and gaining a little more insight, so learning my aura aka VIBEEE, was so interesting to me. Vibes never lie so I was curious to know what mine was giving off.

Learn more about reading Auras: positivemed.com

Book appointment at Auragami (LA, California): auragami.la (to make sure I didn’t miss the next appointment sessions sign up, I followed them on Instagram where the post when new sessions are created on the website)

Hopefully I inspired you to get a picture of your aura! 🙂


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