How I’m Capturing These Crazy Times In Quarantine

What I used:

WARNING ABOUT THE NOTEBOOK: The only sad thing I have to say about this notebook is that it has pages that are lined for easy removal so if I’m not gentle, I could lose a whole page while turning it – I’ll have to tape a little at bottom to prevent from current and future pages from tearing more.

Why I’m capturing this crazy time

This is my attempt to capture both the little and big moments and the good and the not so good moments during this time in quarantine. I actually got this idea from my teammate and ran with it, and I am so happy I did because it’s something I can look back on and share many years down the road. Anddd another way to pass time and get creative.

I absolutely love my Fujifilm printer!


This printer is PERFECT for me.

(1) I was able to print pictures with the classic white “Polaroid” boarder around them
(2) It easily prints via bluetooth from my phone
(3) I can go back in my phone album and print photos from WEEKS ago. Huge selling point because I wouldn’t have been able to do that with the classic Polaroid cameras I was initially researching that require you to point, shoot, and print in that moment.

So small and portable.

Capturing moments to share later

I think we can all agree that these are WIERD and STRANGE times. When I share these times with my future kids, I don’t think they’ll believe that we were quarantined to our homes for 8+ weeks and wearing masks in public…honestly, it’s still hard for me to believe. So, I needed proof and things to look back on.

My memory is not the best so being able to look back on photos allows me to remember things, like all the activities that I’m doing and what is helping me during life in quarantine.

Nature walks, yoga, painting, Netflix, the beach (before it was closed), WINE, and all the rest.

Capturing the not so good, like the Olympics being postponed

Below is a printed picture of the e-mail we received officially postponing the Olympics to 2021. As athletes we are ready and plan for A LOT of things to go wrong, but I couldn’t have planned for the Olympics to get postponed…and postponed by a pandemic!

It was the right decision 100% and this situation is small compared to all the things going on in the world right now. This doesn’t mean I’m not sad, but I am BEYOND thankful it was only postponed and not cancelled. I WOULD HAVE BEEN DEVASTATED. Now my team has more time to grow together and to get better when the circumstances allow us to return to the court again.

Garage gym = what training for the Olympics looks like now

When I took the picture below on 3/16/20 I obviously had no idea the equipment I was collecting from our USA gym would become my new garage gym for over a month. The new normal.

Quotes and reminders that help keep me encouraged

Printed out some words because I’m a sucker for stumbling onto much needed quotes and reminders. Especially during a time like this.

Wrote down all the shows I’ve watched

I wish I could un-watch Tiger King.

Shows: Ozarak (season 1,2,3), Little Fires Everywhere, When Harry Met Sally, The Willoughbys, Tiger King, Unorthodox, Married At First Sight (Season 10), Babies the documentary, 90 Day Fiance, and Real Housewives of Atlanta.

I might be missing some stuff but that’s still A LOT!

My morning quarantine routine setup

Routines and making lists have been HUGE for me and my sanity/mental health during this time.

Gratitude calendar from April

This is another quarantine project and I got this idea from another teammate (thanks teammates for all the amazing ideas!). Since all plans were cancelled for April, I filled each day, in my actual planner, up with something I’m thankful for.

gratitude calendar

And that’s it!

That’s all I have so far but I am going to keep recording memories and moments! Stay safe everyone <3

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