A Collection Of Affirmations For Every Occasion

Why should I care about affirmations?

"Every thought you think and every word you speak is an affirmation. All of our self-talk, our internal dialogue, is a stream of affirmations. You’re using affirmations every moment whether you know it or not. You’re affirming and creating your life experiences with every word and thought. 
Your beliefs are merely habitual thinking patterns that you learned as a child. Many of them work very well for you. Other beliefs may be limiting your ability to create the very things you say you want. What you want and what you believe you deserve may be very different. You need to pay attention to your thoughts so that you can begin to eliminate the ones creating experiences you do not want in your life." - LOUISE HAY

I know what you MIGHT be thinking, “This much positivity doesn’t work. These words are just too positive.”

I get it, sometimes affirmations can be a major turn off and not believable because of all the positivity around them. From experience, replacing thoughts and ideas that aren’t serving me with affirmations and words that lift me up has really helped me stand a little taller and reach my goals with more confidence.

For example, if you have big goals and dreams and also have thoughts like,

“I don’t have the skills to do that”

on repeat in your brain, try replacing it with a new thought and an affirmation that is true. “I AM CAPABLE”. Because you are. You just have to stop telling yourself that you aren’t.

Become aware of the thoughts that arise when you’re leaving your comfort zone, trying something new, having a long day, when you look in the mirror – if those current thoughts are holding you back and aren’t lifting you up, try replacing them.

Here are some of my favorite affirmations:

I believe in me

I am enough

Everything I need is within me

I allow myself to be great

I believe in my abilities

I am capable

I will get back up every time I fall

I am doing my best

I am worthy

I am proud of myself

You won’t connect with EVERY affirmation you come across.

Scroll thought the list and see which ones you connect with and feels true to you.

Write it down. Let it remind you of what during times that you forget.

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You are strong, you are capable, and you are ENOUGH!

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